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Extraordinary location in the center of Kašperské Hory

Its location right next to the town hall and across from a church reflects the significance of this unique historic building. With an unmistakable style, the building has Gothic cellars from the 15th century and a Renaissance street-facing facade, while two wings and the rafters are from the second half of the 19th century. Its costly complete reconstruction with the utmost respect for its history has restored lost value not only to the building, but to the wider area as well. All of this makes it a unique investment opportunity.

Discover forgotten stories

Carefully restored details trace the time that has passed and add authenticity and warmth to the spaces, from the ornamental rosettes on the Neo-Renaissance facade that also figure in different parts of the building, the original wooden beams, or the exposed period masonry in the interiors.

To procure your morning cup of coffee and fresh pastries, simply descend the stairs to the ground floor, where there will be a cafe and a bakery. If you’d like to sit outside your apartment with your guests or neighbors or organize a private party, the landscaped flower garden with a romantic gazebo on the patio is the ideal setting.

yield appreciation

Buying an apartment in the Bílá Růže Residence is also an interesting investment opportunity. In addition to a comfortable home base just a stone’s throw from Šumava National Park, you are also acquiring a permanent asset that will only appreciate in the future. Around 1.9 million tourists visit Šumava National Park every year and the R4 highway will be completed at the end of 2024, which will significantly shorten the commute from Prague. You can rent out your apartment when you’re not using it to secure additional income.

Environmentally-friendly and economical housing

The Bílá Růže Residence is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly with a C class of efficiency. The apartments will be heated by central heating from the municipal biomass heating plant with separate meters in each apartment. Residents can also set heat levels remotely.

The history of building no. 173

Earliest Settlement

The history of the building in which the Bílá Růže Residence has been created goes back to the Middle Ages, when the first settlement connected with gold mining was founded on the site of present-day Kašperské Hory. In 1584, a Catholic hamlet called Reichenstein acquired the status of a royal mining town. Life centered around the market square, with its Renaissance town hall. The surrounding buildings were probably built around the same time. The earliest document mentioning building number 173, however, dates back to the first half of the 17th century, when it was owned by a family of local tax collectors.

The Bílá Růže Inn

In the mid-19th century, the Chlístovskýs, a husband and wife team, turned the building into an inn and the building has been called U Bílé růže ever since. At the peak of its fame in 1900, it was run by Alois Hörnisch, a flamboyant figure known throughout the Šumava region as “Old Luisl.” The mayor of Kašperské Hory, Josef Reckerzügel, was the building’s last tenant before the war.

Decline Under Socialism

In our modern area, once provincial patriotism gave way to nationalism, and then after the regional post-war events, the hotel itself was also affected. Owned by the communist state, until the 1990s it was operated by the Jednota company, which first converted it into a trade school dormitory, but later returned it to its original use. After the fall of communism, further plans for renovation were halted and the building fell into disrepair.

Return of the Gold Age

In 2020, the current owners decided to restore U Bílé růže to its former glory. Looking for a place to escape from busy city life, they fell in love with Šumava. When they bought their first property in Kašperské Hory, though unplanned, they became hotel owners, having been thoroughly charmed by this unique place.

Miroslava and Petr Smětal

“It was heartbreaking for us to walk past the last dilapidated building on a beautifully restored square, especially when it stands right next to one of the loveliest town halls in the country. For a long time, the local city council didn’t know what to do with this former hotel.
So we decided to buy the building and breathe new life into it.
The project was so crucial to the character of the town that reconstructing the building couldn’t have been done without the help of the town hall. Together, we will build a parking lot for tourists as well as future owners of the apartments in Bílá Růže. Our common goal is not only to restore this unique building, but also its surrounding area. The new look of the Bílá Růže Residence will be the finishing touch of the revitalized town square and will make Kašperské Hory even more charming than it already is."